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Actors Wanted for English Theater Group Lizzzardette (19.10.2010)

Datum: 19. Oktober 2010 22:20 Top   Reply
Autor: Lizzzardette
Betrifft: Actors Wanted for English Theater Group

The Gay Beggars is the student drama group of the Uni Basel and is currently casting for their newest project "Gallathea" (to be staged in May 2011). For that reason, we're looking for some 'fresh meat' to join the Beggars.

If you're male* and interested in acting (no previous experience needed - just the right amount of enthusiasm), you're exactly what we're looking for!

All you need is:

- a fairly good command of the English language (however, you don't have to be a native speaker or a student of English - or studying at all, for that matter!)

- to be willing to rehearse +- once a week, usually in the evening (rehearsals will be scheduled individually each time, so don't worry about other hobbies, etc.)

- to be available for all shows in May 2011 (weeks 19 & 20)

Join us for this colourful, wild, anachronistic, "1580s bucolic flood apocalypse comedy"!

For further information, full text, audition texts or other questions and answers, don't hesitate to e-mail to Xander and Johanna:

See you soon! :)

*We're sorry, for this production we already have enough female cast members. Contact us anyway, if you'd like to be on the mailing list for future projects.


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